Psychic/medium and pay again

Well, as you already know Bob is back with more on preachers and their salaries versus mine.  Hopefully this will be the last time that I take this subject on but I have learned never to say “never.”  Below is a part of his answering blog.  When I first answered his blog, I emailed him, as some of you know I do, to tell him that I had answered on the blog.  Another thing, I try not to censor blog replies unless they use unusually dirty words.  So Bob I tried to give you equal time.  To all of you who wrote me, without putting replies on the blog and to you who did, thanks.
“Your post didn’t address what my comment was actually about. You said, “some good church-going people have mentioned that I shouldn’t be paid for my gift but they don’t mind paying the preacher.”
And what I was getting at is: Do you know any preachers that make that much? Of course they don’t mind paying the preacher. The preacher doesn’t charge that kind of money.  Bob”
To answer you Bob on ministers making more money than me, I can name many but that is still not what we need to speak of here.  What I want to address again is that many of those good church-going people, as you so aptly read, tend to think that I shouldn’t get paid at all for my time.  Those people have been kind enough to tell me that this is a gift from God, on which I agree, and that I should give it freely.  Life is a gift from God too.  Your job is a gift from God as well.  We were born into a society where we charge for goods and services.  Even football players, doing what they love best, get paid for it.  I could go on and on but I think that you get my drift. 
On another note, most of those people who tell me that I shouldn’t charge for my gift like to get anything they can for free and I don’t blame them.  My point was that they don’t mind paying their preacher though.  Ministry is a gift as well.  A lot of them are not people I want to associate with anyway because they have other personality traits that I probably wouldn’t appreciate either. 
People who use me as their psychic tell me that I am very good at what I do.  For that I am eternally grateful.  I thank God for my abilities every day.  Not only that, but I try to do what I can to help others too because that is what I think I should do.  So, I will mention again that I don’t get paid for all I do, either on the psychic end or when I just help others.
Oh, and you know I did the show last Friday morning.  As I sat and waited for my interview to begin, I saw that two of my predictions had come true.  One was about the flying object from Denver and the other was about the airplane accident involving “M’s,” “L’s” and the number 6.
Thank you for listening to me one more time.
Da Juana