Psychic/medium or ghosts…..

Psychic/medium or ghosts questions are asked of me all the time.  I don’t mind when it’s about how I do what I do because that’s my life calling.  Making the time to teach is what I came here to do.  The problem is that if I try to help everyone who asks, and believe me, I want to help, then it becomes: when do I have time to eat, take care of my family and on and on but you get the drift.More... 

That’s why I wrote my book, “Ghosts Talk.”  I wanted others to use the book to learn so that they wouldn’t be frightened of their abilities.  These gifts are wonderful, not something to be feared.  In the book, I try to cover even the bumps in the night and how they first affected me. 

If you have a child who prefers to cover their head at night, no matter how hot, and wants a night-light on, you have to ask, are they psychic?  I was and am.  And I wanted to see who was tugging on the sheet I had over my head but my father wouldn’t let me have the night-light.  Never mind the person who was asking me to move the cover so that we could talk.  Those are things children won’t usually tell their parents but if you’re one of the lucky parents, then don’t tell your child that it’s nothing.

Christi wrote to tell me her son hears a piano playing at night.  Music is one of the ways ghosts get our attention without scaring us out of our wits.  She asked if I knew someone to help her son.  Not all psychics believe or teach alike.  She has to become comfortable with the teacher and so does her son.  The advice I’d give her is to listen to yourself.  Use your intuition.  If you or your son ever finds they have problems believing what they’re being taught.  Look around and find another more suitable person.  Or you can use my book.

Da Juana