Not too long ago I read an article on a psychic/medium who wrote about life after death.  Most of you know that I died in 1980 and came back but if you didn’t, I did.  What’s more, I remember it well.  You can’t forget something like that.More...

Not only that, but because I’m a psychic/medium, I talk with the other side more times in a day than I do with the living.  The other side is my constant companion. 

Anyway, this psychic/medium said that on the other side people only show up as energy.  Partially, that’s right.  And maybe I read it wrong but she said that people there don’t appear as they do here in the physical.  Hope it’s okay to tell you what I know.  I can’t speak for her but I can tell you what I see and have seen.  Yes, we’re all energy but, on the other side, you can appear as any life you chose to live and more. 

For instance, while on the other side, I knew exactly what I looked like and knew that others would recognize me for my physical attributes but I also knew I was pure energy along with all the others.  Not only that but I saw others that I didn’t recognize over there and they were in their physical looking bodies. 

When I’m reading people and see ghosts, they come to me in the shape in which the person I’m reading for can relate. 

So, to make a long story short, people on the other side show themselves in a physical manner.  Some of them have taken my breath away when I didn’t expect to see them or when they decided to show me how they died at an unexpected time.  And they didn’t look like pure energy.  Some looked like a horror movie, while others enjoyed the little bit of a scare they gave this psychic/medium who lives with them everyday. 

Oh, and yes, ghosts have a sense of humor.

Da Juana