Psychic/mediums ought to look and act like…..

Some people definitely have an idea of what psychic/mediums ought to look and act like.  When they see me, they have a hard time believing that I am psychic until I tell them something I couldn’t know.  Then they are amazed.More... 
One newspaper reporter described me as being the neighbor next door and guess what I am.  She went on to say that I didn’t look the part.  What am I supposed to look like, I thought?  But I really know. 
People expect me to like dark rooms.  I don’t.  I want to be able to see whose in the room with me, whether living or dead.  By the way, when I’m reading, they look the same to me.  All of us are only God’s energy manifested.  So you can see how I’d have a problem there. 
Oh, and I’m not a fan of graveyards but neither are my ghostly friends.  Would you like staying there?
Another thing people think is that I should look kind of like the old movies.  You know, the gypsy’s looked.  Generally, I don’t dance around campfires.  And I don’t wear skirts with lots of pleats or gathers because they make me look bigger.  Also, jewelry is kept at a minimum.  And no tambourines but I do like the sound.  Maybe it’s a past life thing.
It’s just funny how we perceive each other.  So, I guess I can understand others illusions about someone like me. 
Da Juana