Puppies part of my family…..

My puppies are such a big part of my family that when something goes wrong with one of them it affects our family dynamic.  Mysti is still trying to get stable from the diabetes that she has and hasn’t wanted to eat or drink much since she started insulin. More... 

Thank goodness, I have a wonderful, intelligent, conventional, holistic vet who thinks out of the box.  She’s helped others I’ve sent to her.  After getting fluids and acupuncture today because we’re still trying to stabilize her and she just won’t eat, I told my vet, who has a Veterinarian Clinic appropriately called the Animal Doctor, that I was going to stop and get Mysti a Sonic burger just to get her to eat today, she did what she would probably consider a most undoctorly thing.  She said treat her like she’s getting a treat but keep enough to give the insulin later because she knows that we have to get Mysti started eating again. 

This woman is amazing and I’ve seen such amazing things happen around her that I trust her with Mysti and Madeline’s health.  She’s the one who helped Madeline when she was a baby.  She’s the reason Madeline looks as if she has nothing now unless she gets very tired and her doctor did it holistically.  

As I’ve said, she is a conventional vet who specializes in homeopathy too.  She doesn’t mind dispensing medication if needed but if she can take care of something more gently or with a better outcome as she did with Madeline, she will. 

Although Mysti will tell you she doesn’t like any doctor today, she appreciates this lady very much.  I know her mother does. 

Y’all (a southern word) have a wonderful weekend and please say prayers for our family too.  Prayers and holistic vet.  What more could you want?

Smile and enjoy life,

Da Juana