Puppy dog, Madeline…

My baby puppy dog, Madeline, has been under the weather starting before Mysti died a little over a year ago.More...  You’d think my being psychic would have helped and it did in a way but I got busy with other items and neglected one of the most precious spirits to me.  Mysti and Claude got my first priority because Madeline was young and didn’t appear as needy.

She’s had a bladder infection for a while and has been on and off antibiotics.  The last time she took them we were out of town and had to call her vet to get what she needed then.  For a little while, she got a little better but I knew it wasn’t great.  Finally, I took her back to the vet and ordered a urine culture because I knew the antibiotic she was taking wasn’t helping.  The test found it wasn’t. 

After another six week round of antibiotics supposed to be able to clear the disease without the desired results, we found she has bladder stones.  Surgery is coming now because she also has Staph with the bladder stones.  According to her vet, the bacteria load won’t stop until we get rid of the stones keeping it in her body.  So, she’s on antibiotics again so that we can control the Staph and get our baby well after the surgery.

When it’s your child or your dog, it’s not easy even if you are a psychic.  She means so much to me as did my Mysti, Muffin and Teeny Renee.  Oh, and my Spottie boy when I was very young and Bobo too.  Bobo was scared of snakes until he dispatched one that was close to my toddler body.  You can remember special times in your life by remembering the dog that was part of yours.  Dogs are such a special part of my family just as all the humans are.  Say prayers for my baby, please.

Da Juana