Put the Christian back into Christmas….

Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t we put the Christian back into Christmas.  As you can tell daily now, people are not exactly Christ like.  Pushing and shoving to get to that last bargain is not what I perceive Jesus to have been, especially since he’s been to my home a few times.More...

Not once did he appear to be thinking only of himself.  No, he generally comes to me when I need some peace of mind.  So, what of people who profess to be like him, i.e. Christians?  Are they really Christ like?

I’ve seen some people that appeared to respond as Jesus does and when questioned found that they didn’t call themselves Christian.  Instead they mentioned that they knew how they should act and that actions, in their mind, speak louder than words.  Loving others as themselves was what they brought to this earth.  Isn’t that Christ like?

Christians, to my way of thinking, should be loving, caring individuals who want to help not only the environment (God put us here as caretakers of the world) but also others.  I love to see a Christian church help those down and out because that’s what Jesus does.  And another thing, whose judgment should be used on who’s what?  We humans tend to judge others and not like we do ourselves either.

My father is a minister and he always tries to help others even those that do him wrong.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t forget when they do him wrong and he might not be as quick to act the next time but he does try to help almost every time.  I think that’s the spirit of Christmas.  Don’t you?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone

Da Juana