Puzzles for me.

Murders are something that, as a psychic, I like to work along with other items that law enforcement might need. But murders, that is my way of giving back. Generally I take the victims roll but there are times that I have been the perpetrator too. That’s not fun because then I get to feel what a killer feels like inside and how they think. Believe me, they don’t think the same way we, so-called, normal people think. Another thing. I don’t think they are crazy either. They seem to know exactly what they want and they don’t care who it hurts. Sometimes, the hurt is what they want, what they find exciting.

There have been times that the murderer asked the law enforcement official with whom I was working if they could meet me. That is really not a good feeling with criminals getting out of prison so early now-a-days. Like a dope, I have said that I would do so but haven’t had to at this time. I did, however, have a murderer come to see me a couple of times. Again, not a good feeling.

Once, a woman handed me a watch with her dead mother’s blood on it. The minute she put it into my hand, I got physically ill, put the watch down and told her there was blood on it. She said, with glee at knowing I was a real psychic, “Yes, she was wearing it when she died. It also stopped when she died.” Something strange happened when I looked down at the watch. It started again after I picked it back up.

Many times I have seen strange things happen while working a murder. I have even been accused of the death until I was able to substantiate that I was nowhere around. But I still love to help solve these horrendous acts.

Da Juana