Well, yet another question but I think the ones that I have been putting up on my blog are very important to all of us. They are not just a question that can be answered only for one person such as, “Will I find a love in the future.” And though that is a very important question, you can ask that of one of our very good psychics and they will give you personal information without everyone else knowing about it. Questions such as these can help each of us with information about the other side. Not to mention that I love questioning minds.

But first, I want to answer this question for the nice person who asked on my blog comments. “Happy New Year 2006! Where do I go to see your predictions for 2006?

To that I answer follow the link and thanks for caring about my predictions.

Now, for the lady. She wrote, “If a person passes while they are in a coma what happens to their awareness? Do they know when they die or do they slowly wake up on the other side not really knowing what happened to them? I may have a reading at some point, but the death I am speaking of is still very new and I am not yet ready. Thank-you for your time in answering these questions if you can.”

Death is very similar to an out-of-body experience because you are free of the shackles of the physical body. Nearly everyone has had one of these. And you can tell you have by the fact that you may be soundly sleeping and jerk awake with heart racing, because you feel as if you are falling or some other malady has befallen you. Later you may have a deja vu moment. That is because you have been visiting others in spirit whether alive or dead. A near-death-experience is much the same though one might have differing experiences. I have experienced both.

When a person is in a coma, they are not necessarily sleeping peacefully. They, too, may be out of body doing things that their physical body won’t allow. And, yes, they can hear you speaking to them no matter where spirit is at the time. Now, here are differing cases with comatose people. Some may very well feel that they are asleep and as such can hear but don’t leave the body. Others may be well aware that the body is in bed seemingly asleep while they roam the earth or anywhere in spirit. Those that feel they are sleeping continue to sleep for a little while after death until they decide it is OK to wake up. Those who know what is happening go right on with life as if the body is just a remnant of their past.

In your case, I see a man who is below medium build with light colored hair (may be blondish) who tells me that at first, the person in coma thought they were supposed to sleep but they woke up before death and started back to work because they really couldn’t stand to lay around.

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Hope this helps.

Da Juana