Today I want to mention something most of us hate to even think about and that’s racism.  I’ve heard too many people tell me that they’re not racist but when it comes right down to it, there is a little racism in most whether one wants to believe it or not. More... 

Our armed forces have to discriminate and learn to hate whomever their fighting.  It’s learned behavior just like the KKK teaches its children to hate many other races.  It’s not all black and white.  Some African American people hate other Americans not of their race.  I’ve even heard some of my black friends get upset because a black man married a white woman.  Is that racism?  It goes on and on.  Even the Bible teaches that we shouldn’t mix races.  So does racism come from Biblical origins?

To my way of thinking, in all those lives we continue to muster up with each incarnation, we become the race we might have fostered disdain for previously.  So it all works itself out spiritually in the long run but while you’re on earth living this imperfect life, you have to become aware of it now. 

Each of us has been afraid to wander onto a dark street with several men of a different race lurking there.  Sometimes we even think of the homeless as another race.  Women don’t trust any men on a dark street.  So before you become holier than thou, maybe you should really examine yourself more closely and think of what you might really be racist over.  Jokes poke fun at other races.  Do you laugh at them?  Of course, I even poke fun at myself.  All I’m saying is we just need to think.

Da Juana