Radio Saturday

Last Saturday, Connie, my friend, and I did a radio show in the Las Vegas, California area. The two women who had us on originally thought that we would be on for just a few minutes. After all, they didn’t really know us but they wanted to give us a chance.

This is the first time that I have worked with Connie on a radio show but it won’t be the last. We had more fun. And the on air personalities were wonderful too. We laughed so much that we almost cried and also talked about some of the more serious aspects of life too. Plus, one of the ladies mentioned that she has a grandmother who died and wondered if she were happy. I knew the on-air personalities were Kelly and Amber but, leave it to me, I started calling her Helen. After the second time, Kelly said, “My name is Kelly. Helen was my dead grandmother we were just speaking of.”

It happens like that often. I heard the word Helen just as easily as I was hearing Connie and the two other women. I have to say I’m sorry a lot. After telling them how sorry I was, we went on to bigger and better things. Wish you could have been with us.

Da Juana