Have you ever noticed that after a beautiful rain, the earth just smells better?  I think God made it that way so that the earth gets to take a well needed, relaxing bath.  After all, we like to soak too, don’t we?  Just to wash away the grime or workday politics.More...

The earth is a living being and is made up of the same energy that runs through us, which to my estimation, is God.  God’s energy is part of everything.  Nothing escapes God’s hand although we like to think we’re separate.  And in some manner we are but, as individuals within God, we’ve got His/Her energy running through us.

According to the Bible, man has dominion over the earth.  Do you think God knew what He/She was doing when that was put into effect? 

While I believe God is all knowing, I also think He/She is all learning.  We learn through trial and error.  Knowing all, God adds to His/Her knowledge through us but also expects the best from us. 

So, the next time you throw that piece of trash down or pollute the earth in some fashion, think of God watching.  Can you hear Him saying, “It’s time for rain?” 

Da Juana