Random Number Generators now have my attention as a precognitive research tool.

Random Number Generators now have my attention as a precognitive research tool on global consciousness which is being researched under the name Global Consciousness Project.

You know that I’m always interested in science trying to explain my life as a psychic and a medium.

The reason this one got my attention is because I’ve always thought and taught that we’re really a global consciousness. My knowledge has led me to realize that when one person begins believing an idea and puts thought and emotion into it, it’ll manifest.

Global Consciousness is within the subconscious of all individuals and when one begins to believe an idea and puts it into action, others subconsciously get infected by that thought prior to it becoming a reality. And, the GCP studies just that.

Roger D Nelson, director of the Global Consciousness Project and Coordinator of Research at Princeton University under Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research before he retired, gave a rousing demonstration on “Though the Wormhole,” with narrator Morgan Freeman on the Discovery Science Channel, which you should watch if you like science discovering anything paranormal.

Mr. Nelson gives an example of the date September 11, 2001 with the terrorist attack on New York and how global consciousness messed with the random number generators around the world which report back to a computer in Princeton starting early that fateful morning and continuing to mess with them until after the horrible event, proving, he says that the world knew on a subconscious level. I tend to agree. We all felt it building.

There are other great items on this part of the series that I actually had to keep so that I can watch again. So, if you get a chance, record it.


Da Juana

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