Rare psychics who can be psychic/mediums………

There are those rare psychics, who can be psychic/mediums as well, that read for themselves.  I happen to be one of them.  This isn’t necessarily a good thing but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Reading for those I love even, when I don’t mean to, can be very disturbing because it affects me on many levels but I still do it. More... 

Three years before Claude had the stroke, I knew.  Then I had to live with it and rationalize what was happening without telling Claude what I’d seen.  For one reason, I could have been wrong and I was partially, because I knew he was going to die.  Thank God he didn’t but that’s another story.  The hospital thought he was too.  Another reason was if I told him about what I saw, it could have become a self-fulfilling prophecy because Claude knows my track record.  He doesn’t always listen but generally finds out later.  Just being married to me is sometimes horror enough. 

Claude’s been there when words flew from my mouth, seemingly without my knowledge.  I was listening but not in what I call control, and he saw the look on others faces when I came out with something they thought no one else knew.  It was just me and the ghosts. 

One incident was when I was on the phone with a long-distance friend.  While talking, I blurted out that I was so sorry that her friend’s husband, whom I didn’t really know at the time, was about to die from lung cancer.  Well, you guessed it, you could have heard a pin drop.  That’s when she told me that he didn’t have lung cancer.  Within two days she told me he did, that they had just found it and it was already spread all over his body.

But back to me reading for myself.  Other psychics say they don’t do that.  I can’t see how they can’t.  Even when I don’t think I am, I am.  I hear what’s going to happen in our family’s future.  You do know I talk with ghosts?  I just may wish that what I’m seeing, hearing, feeling and all those other senses really wasn’t happening.  Most of the time, I’ve got the real scoop even when I don’t like it.  Sometimes, with the warning, I can even stop it from occurring. 

One more thing about this and then I’ll hush.  I really do thank God for this amazing ability even in the bad times.

Da Juana