Rat Race….

Most of us is so used to running that we don’t even realize we’re part of the rat race.   Although I realize it and also realize the value of stopping, looking items and events over, making an informed decision and then going on to complete my task, guess what?  Like many others, I don’t always do it.More...

While sick, I had to be still.  Really, even lost a few days….When I told you that I’d gone to the other side, I actually did in an out-of-body attempt to get my life in order.  May I say, it’s much needed too?  The mind will create an environment in which you have to stop and listen if you don’t take the time consciously.  You’d think this psychic would know that.  I really do but didn’t do it.

It’s much easier to tell others to do as I say, not as I do, until I come down with it too.  Then, I get to feel sorry for myself for being ill because I needed the time off.  But this time, I learned more lessons.  And that’s the good thing.  Of course, I’m a glass half-full type of girl but I’m also a Type A personality.  That’s the one who’s always working, isn’t it?

The message I got from the other side can’t all be remembered right now but it’s coming back.  And I seem to be at peace with the situation, and myself, finally.  While over there, I spoke with many people including about three or four women and as many men.  We discussed my life, just as if I were about to be born.  Now, if I could just remember everything. 

That illness, even though I hate being ill, was a blessing in disguise.  It made me remember who I am.  Even so, I want to stay well.

Da Juana