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I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to thank me. You make me feel so good about the things being done with this site.

Almost all your feedback is positive but please remember I don’t get upset when receiveing constructive criticism because it helps to improve this site.

You people who have taken the time to write and tell me that I’m doing something right gives me the impetus to keep on trying.

So once again, thanks.

Da Juana

The only changes I have made to the letters sent to me is the font and making the person anonymous. On most you can see the time sent because I left that part of the email.

You are so accurate in your predictions that it is like the weather…you know it’s coming you just don’t know how strong the storm will be! Thanks for one of the net’s best astro predictions.


I have watched my friends write you and get excellent responses. I have wrote you previously and your answer was a tidbit late-forthcoming but it was correct and the solution that you suggested was exactly the way I handled the situation.
Thank you for your time. Even without and answer I know I will find the answers I seek one way or the other. I see people add the following information all the time so I guess it would not hurt for me to add them.


Dear Da Juana,

Thanks for your help and insights that you are giving the world. You and Claude have created a great site. I like the combination of colors you are using too.

Happy intuitiving!


I have a million questions…but I know how busy you must be. So, I would just like to say that I have been visiting your site for nearly a year. I love the horoscopes, predictions…ect…I really enjoy the wording you use and can sense the love that stems from all of it.

You have a beautiful, angelic face. (from your picture) If I saw you on the street, I would want to run up and hug you.

God bless you and yours during this difficult time in our world.

Perhaps, one of these days, I will contact you or one of your readers. But for now, I just wanted to let you know that your work is appreciated.


I was delighted and surprised when I received your email this morning. Actually, I was planning on calling you as I had a “small world” experience — S B, PhD – psychologist has been helping us to deal with the grief, etc. We were talking one day and I told her about this experience I had with a psychic at Visions. S said, you have to meet this very special lady and psychic who has read me — went on about how wonderful she is (not mentioning a name), how she had helped S, etc. I then asked her for her name and if it would be OK if I contacted her. Well — we were both talking about the same person — Da Juana! We were both surprised!! I then told S I had not been able to reach Da Juana, etc. She got on the phone and used the numbers she had, they did not work and then she called a mutual friend who gave S your contact numbers, explained you had moved, etc. So, I was going to call you when I got a chance and apologize for calling directly but hoping we could get an appointment. So, please pass on to Da Juana about the connection with S.


Hi Dajuana, I had a reading with you several months ago. I still get chills thinking you saw the baby I lost in 1992, a little girl with the L name. But it is comforting – I love her. Anyway, I had to have dental work like you said -got a cracked filling-, you also said that one of my brothers and his wife would get a divorce, it is getting really rocky at their house. My mother goes in for colonoscopie Monday. In the reading you said that my sister would be diagnosed with cancer, but perhaps it’s my Mom. I work at a family business and it was difficult to figure out which family member was who, we have so many common factors. I hope no one has cancer. I asked if I would meet someone, you said not for a while, you saw the # 10 and would meet through someone who “makes your skin crawl”. I can’t figure out who that is. Do you see anyone yet? -You also told me to find a good massage therapist. I found a great one, her name is M and she is excellent. She is not a salon or fitness club therapist. She is a RN and hospice nurse and very spiritual and into alternative medicine, she has helped me so much. So if you don’t have one try her. I read your piece concerning the events of 9/11/01, my heart was torn for you, realizing you have to feel tragedy twice, in your vision and then actually happening. I will write myself a note to remember the 12:00 prayer circle, and include you on my list. This is lengthy so thank you for reading it.


Dear Da Juana:

You are truly amazing. Just when I am starting to feel discouraged and depressed, you come through with truly divine insight. I can’t thank you enough. I have made many of my friends and family aware of your site and they enjoy reading your columns and horoscopes as much as I do. I pray for you and hope to be reading your book soon.

God Bless


From: Jean L.
Subject: Thank You

Dear Da Juana,

Thank you for replying to my e-mail. I’ve been having a really difficult time lately. I was really surprised to find myself on your web site this morning. I don’t expect a response for this, just wanted to let you know that I DO know what I really want. It just seems so very far out of my reach. I can’t hurt a lot of people to get what I want. I’ve seen it done and I know what it feels like to be on the other side. I have two choices that I can see. I will assume, from your response that if I really want this special person I met to be in my life, he will be; if I let him. Perhaps it is not too late after all. I’m not sure how that will turn out? Anyway, I have responsibilities, but I have them to myself first I guess. I certainly hope things turn out right, there are so many things that make me see myself as trapped in the life I have. I only hope I can find the way to change it?

Thank you again, it was nice to have a response, especially so quickly. I really appreciate your time, I guess you just know when someone needs a response.

All the best,


Dear Dajuana,

You just answered an email question this past Sunday which I have included below. I got goose bumps when I read the response. On of my mother’s favorite activities at her house is to read in her easy chair which is next to the window. She has a large floral floor lamp right by the window. Your description of the place was correct. I thought you would like to know.



Dear Da Juana:

Last year you responded to a letter I wrote in the early summer. I had asked you if I would ever find anyone to love me and you said that if that is what I wanted then I would find it. Two months after I read your reply I met a wonderful man who I have been seeing. This is the first man I have ever introduced my parents to. My question is do you see us staying together? If not, will I ever meet someone who will be in my life for a long time

Also, I had asked you about my brother who had visited me once to warn me about an accident. You said that he would be around in about 4 months. Has he and does he know how sorry that I am that we parted on such bad terms?

Last, do you see me staying at my current position long? If not, where do you expect me to go?

Thank you for your guidance. It has helped me grow tremendously this past year.


Dear J C:

The man in your life now wants to stay in your life. It is all up to you.

Your brother knows that you love him and didn’t approve of some things he was doing while alive. He agrees that he should not have done some of the things he did. You loved him then and love him now and he knows this too. He is in and out of your life to help you and yes he has been there standing by an easy chair with what looks like a floral pattern on it next to the window.

There is another job that will be offered in the next six weeks or months.

Da Juana

Da Juana,

I just wanted to let you know … May you did a reading for me and said that I would have female issues that would require a type of surgery like you had; well, that has occurred. On August 15 my doctor went in to remove a cyst on my left ovary; supposed to be simple but the cyst had ruptured. My doctor feels like she got everything and it wasn’t cancerous.

I hope this is the end of my troubles….


Da Juana:

Thanks to your response to Love Wish. I am convinced you are right about the two. The third is a surprise. Currently, there are none as you had stated. Sounds like I am going to be busy. Thanks for the hope coming. Love and Light, Love Wish

Dear Da Juana,

I have asked you a few questions, and you have responded to them in your column. Thank You! I have also read some of your responses to my sister’s questions and my best friend’s questions. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge. It’s good to know that someone with a “gift” like yours will help out people without trying to ask for anything in return.



I have been a regular reader since I “discovered” you on the Internet several years ago. Your predictions are amazingly accurate. I just re-read your predictions for 2001 and I am particularly concerned about the plane crash in Ohio. Would you have any more information on the event. My husband amd I are taking a trip to the east coast in the next few days and we will be flying through Cincinnati.

Da Juana:

Girl you are GOOD!! πŸ™‚


Dear Da Juana,

I thought you would like to know that she did call me at 10 am this morning and I drove down to Killeen to move her stuff and her kids out of there. I think she is going to be ok now. Thanks for your help.

Dear Da Juana: My best friend is a very responsible person. Recently she met someone online after she ran a personal ad. In the span of 2 weeks time, she has let her 2 year lease go (of which she had only used 3 months), quit her $60K/year job, moved 2 hours away, and has shunned most of her friends. Before she quit her job, her coworkers were so concerned that they called me at my job to see if I knew what was going on since she hadn’t shown up or called in for 3 days. I almost called the police at that time since I hadn’t heard from her in a week. My question is – is she going to be ok and happy with her choices? I miss her companionship but want her to be happy with her life.

Dear Worried:

Your friend will need you in the next three to six months. Be there for her until she can get back on her feet.

Da Juana

Dear Da Juana:

I want to thank you for your response to my e-mail, I viewed it today 10/07/02 and I was shocked to read your response, because your high volume of Inquiries from people all around the world wanting your help, assistance, support and advice. And you took time out and responded to me, I’m so grateful for this Information.

I would like to notify you that my 4 year old son C has changed schools and is doing WONDERFUL in his developmental learning. It was a struggle and extremely difficult to make these changes for him but with my belief in God and his assistance everything did work out for the best, Thank you.

As for my friend B 07/07/72, we have met up once again but I did not confess to him about my fears and Insecurities, But because of your positive outlook I will definitely tell him what I’m experiencing and hopefully things between me and him go forward in making a loving relationship or having a long lasting friendship. Whatever the outcome I do know that what you said is so true, If he is a true friend then he will understand.

Da Juana, Thank you for your positive advice and thank you for taking time out and focusing on me and my son, God knows how you have made a difference not only in my life and outlook for the future, but in million’s of people from around the world.

You see Da Juana I’m struggling financially and I have no Income, I get support from my family. So, I can’t afford to a reading from your recommended psychic’s, because of financial restriction’s, but you reached out and assisted me with a great concern and God knows how grateful I truly appreciated what you have done. I cannot thank you enough,

May God continue to bless you and your Family and entire staff and may he continue to bless you FOREVER!

Da Juana, you really are a gifted, talented, special, sincere, encouraging and wonderful human being, I hope your family knows how lucky they are to have you in there life.

Even though we the people do not know you personally, I know of your gifts and that’s enough for me.


Lots of LOVE

The Worrier, Wendy

Da Juana:

This is not a question.

You spoke to our group on Thursday and one of the questions asked had to do with little Opal.

I just wanted to have you note the following. On Beach and I-30 there is a church called Hope that is at the Trinity River edge and to the South East of I-30 directly from the church are 3 red and white towers.
Further East is a large round shaped office building.

When you asked us what we saw, all I saw was a black shape indistinguishable of any form.

Just wanted to pass the above information to you.

Thank you for giving our group your time and a very interesting evening.


Hi Da Juana!

A while back you predicted that there would be two men in my life but the one after that would want to stay. Hmmmm…I believe I have been experiencing a bit of your prediction lately, you were right on. The bottom line of the two that I have been experiencing is cutting through the illusion and getting through to the truth. I can hardly wait to see who the one after is going to be. I am ready for truth and writing a story of love, passion and adventure in my life.

Thanks for helping me with your prediction.

Happy moments to you,


Thanks Da Juana for responding to my letter. I am grateful for your talent and your graciousness for your gift. I’m glad my children are going to be OK. Releasing fear is a difficult lesson to learn in this lifetime. I am glad to know I will always find a way to make it right because that bottom line is important to me. During this time of releasing my children to the world, an almost empty nest, which is indeed another phase of my life that you have made a easier with your response.

Thanks again for your help, Hopeful Mother.

Dear Da Juana,

This is merely a note of gratitude. Thank you for sharing with me this morning on the radio show Bob Madden and KATY 101.3.
I was the divorced for 9 years mom who asked about Mr. Right and my children’s wellness. You were more accurate than I could have every imagined especially about the abuse that you shared from your past had been prevalent in mine. You touched my heart and hugged my very soul.
Thank you for sharing your gift.
Loretta in Hemet

Dear Da Juana,
I’m your reader from Singapore. I was just reading your website for the upteempth time.

Thank you so much for answering my question about my country. Although u wrote a couple of lines, it was very valuable and precious to me. You would not believe the feeling of comfort when I read your predictions.

I think it’s wonderful that you are using your gift to help people in need. Give yourself a pat on the back for you have touched the lives of others when you reach out to help!

Have a fabulous Christmas and New Year.


Subject: CDB – Deardj

Dear DJ,
You are amazing. I read your column daily. I was in heaven when I saw my letter the one being responded to. I am KW and as you predicted, so it has happened. Divorce from my husband was envitable. It is just paperwork now ready to be finalized. My 3 adolescents are doing better and all seem to be on a better track and full time students. The man with the receding hairline in your prediction happens to be my long lost childhood sweetheart. It is true, he makes me feel that I am his soulmate. I do feel my career is only getting better. I even have some artshows coming up and was even recognized in a prominant art magazine recently. Thank you for sharing your gifts of generosity, kindness and love to help other people. You bring hope daily in the lives of many people who feel desparation. I know God has a plan for all of us. It is just sometimes reassuring to know that all will be well. Thanks again for your caring.
Love, KW

Subject: CDB – Deardj

Dear DJ,
I enjoy reading your site and when I want some uplifting or good feeling I check it out. You are bringing hope and a different perspective to people in need. Thank you for helping out the world.

To: cdbyrd

Subject: CDB – Deardj

Dear Da Juana,

I usually read your column daily as well as my horoscope. This week I just started a new job in a brand new career, so I missed a couple of days. I was so surprised to find you’ve updated your site. It’s really nice and I enjoyed it very much before the improvements! I look forward to wandering around it soon.

I enjoy reading your responses to questions. Todays response was touching. My best friend is a man. (I’m female.) I am wondering whether or not we have a future together beyond our friendship. We are very different, but are sacred to each other. What do you see?

All my best,


Subject: CDB – Deardj

Dear DJ,
I wanted to take this time to Thank You for helping the world on this Thanksgiving Day. I have been trying to access your Dear DJ and I keep getting the same letter the last few days.


Subject: CDB – Deardj

Dear DaJuana,

I read your horoscopes for every day and think your advice column is great.

My own problem that I wish your help on is a little different from those I usually see in your responses. I am fortunate to have a job that enables me to have my own home and should let me support myself. But I feel insecure about whether or not I’ve found the place I will live for the rest of my life. I have escaped the physical presence of an abusive relationship (not marriage) but am still struggling with some of the effects of the mental domination that was one of the main problems of the abuse. I keep wondering if I’ve found the home that will be my “refuge”, though I realize that the real refuge is spiritual not physical.

I was born on 3/15/1946 in St. Louis, MO.

If you have any insights that would help, I would really appreciate them.
Please do not use my full name in your column if you put my message there.


Subject: Congrats on your Stanley Cup prediction!

I read your predictions the day of the last Stanley cup game…that would be yesterday. I knew that if you said it would happen, then those “red” guys, as I called them, would be the winners.

You are just amazing, Da Juana! I admire your abilities and hope that one day I can learn as much as you have. I also admire the fact that you are genuinely a nice person and wish to help anyone that comes to you.

I have a question. Now, I know you’re a very busy woman, and you don’t have to answer this if you don’t have time. I admire you so much, and would really like to have your thoughts.

My husband’s father died when he was very young. Sometimes when I’m alone, I feel his presence. I hear him speaking to me, or at least I think it’s him. I know so many thing about him now, and I tell my husband what his dad tells me. I feel that it’s his only way to communicate with his son. What do you think? Is it his dad talking to me, or am I nutso?!? I can’t really go and ask my husband’s mom if some of the things he tells me are true, and my husband doesn’t know, because he was so young. She acts like I’m crazy and denies it all. So what do you feel about this? J, my husband, has no closure and can’t deal with the death, even now. I feel like his dad is trying to help him cope.

I feel crazy at times when I say these things! I really do! I see ghosts, or have seen many of them when I was smaller, I mean. I “know” and “feel” things that I can’t explain. The gift runs through both sides of my family, and it is especially strong in the women. I know that my little baby will have it one day, and I would like to be able to help her NOT feel insane, like I do at times.

Again, thank you so much for being totally amazing. I love what you do and think you are just wonderful!


I was traveling though the Dallas/Ft.Worth area, when I turned the radio and heard your voice, As long as you were on, I listened. YOU TOUCHED ME. I never really believed, But now I have to question myself.

I wrote down your address as I drove down I-20. My question is my husdand and I spent most of our savings on an 18 wheeler, Will we make it or was it a big mistake?

I realize you may not have time to answer my letter, But just know, you have made a believer out of me.

Thank you for reading my letter!! Have a nice day!!!!!!!


Good morning Da Juana

Wow, what a surprise! I never expected anything like this, I was just hoping that you would read my letters and hopefully give me some kind of comfort about my life, I never imagined something like this. I’ve been through so much in my life, I never expected anything “positive” or “good” to come out of it. Don’t get me wrong I have had a couple of good things happen to me, but not enough. Wow, I’m in shock. I can’t believe that you asked me to use my letter on the comments page. What a way to start my morning! Yes, you may use my letter. Thank you so much. If I may ask, why do you want to use my letter? Could you tell me when you will be putting it up so I can check it out? Sorry – I’m just so excited! Thank you again so much! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Da Juana Byrd wrote: Thanks T, no I don’t have anything on Canada yet. Sorry. May I use your letter on our reader comments page?
Da Juana

you wrote:

Dear DaJuana,

I just read the letter that E.G. just wrote you and it was so weird. I am going through the same thing except that my husband has become a workaholic. He puts his work before his family. I too tried to go back to school to better educate myself but had to quit due to the problems with my son. I had no support from my husband, children, family and friends when I was at school. It makes me so mad that my husband didn’t want to put family before his work first. I’ve talked to him until I’m blue in the face -with no results. I feel like I am single parent. Due to all the problems – I was diagnosed as having major depression. I still battle it today. I have no energy or strength left in me to do anything anymore. The more I sit here and think the more angrier I get. I am getting frustrated with this depression and the way it is controlling my life. I have goals and dreams of my own that I want to accomplish. I re-signed myself back into school. I am going to finish my course and nothing is going to get me to quit this time unless there is a death in the family or with friends. I hope E.G. will do the same – go back to school and make something with her life. As a parent we can only do so much for our children. They have to know that mommy has to have a life too. Don’t get me wrong I love my children with all my heart and there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for them but there comes a time when a mother needs time for herself. There is more to life than just raising our children and taking care of our husbands, doing housework, making meals, etc. We need to do something for ourselves. If I don’t have the support from my loved ones, it hurts but it’s ok because I did all I could do keep my family together and raise them to the best of my knowledge, it’s time for me. I’m not going to be around forever, I want to make my life worthwhile. God put me here on this earth, not just to be a mother and wife but for other reasons too and I need to find that out. I want to wish E.G. all the best and tell her not to give up on her dreams.
Also I wrote to you before about predictions for Canada? Do you have any yet? I keep looking every day and I don’t see anything.


Subject: CDB – Deardj

Dear DuJuana,

Going to your website is so comforting. I could never tell you enough how glad I am to hear you on the Russ Martin show and making that move with him. He speaks very highly of you. Everyone always wants to talk to to you when you are on the air. You are a very popular woman. God gave you a beautiful gift and he couldn’t of given it to anyone better. I held once for at least half an hour and had to go.(this was on the Eagle station) When you get a chance could you email me just incase I miss a day looking at your website? I have started a commision only job back in March. I was very fortunate to be paid a small salary up till June. I had to get a draw and borrow some money from a friend this month. That really put a dent on my pride. Is there anyway of telling me if I am in the right line of work and if not what would be the right one. Is it in or out of Dallas? I have been so stressed about this.

Thank you for listening.


To: cdbyrd

Subject: It came true!

Over a year ago, Da Juana gave me a reading over the telephone and told me many things. The one thing that stuck out was that someone very close to me would experience a frightning pain in their stomach, but not to worry. She said to make sure they get to the doctor’s office right away, but it would be ok. It would happen in 4-6 months.

Well, time went on and I almost forgot about it. Until my son called me from Pensacola and told me he had just been to the emergency room. He had been diagnosed with a “spasmatic stomach” due to stress. He had been scared to death it was something really bad.

You said to let you know if anything had come true, and it did. I hate to admit it but I was pretty skeptical about this before I called.

I will probably sign up for another reading in a few weeks.

Thank you!


To: cdbyrd

Subject: CDB – Deardj

Dear Da Juana,

I can’t tell you how happy you made me by answering my question on 3/27/00 in your column. That was also my late father’s birthday so I really felt your answer had extra special meaning to me. I have been very sad about my girls being taken from me by their father. Now, I feel you have confirmed everything I have felt. I have always believed I would get my youngest girl back first because she & I were “inseparable” as her oldest sister said today when we were talking about them. I am putting all of my energies into getting her back as soon as possible. You have encouraged me more than you will ever know during this painful time. Some days I felt I would never have my children ever again. But now I do have hope. And I will never give up no matter how long it takes.

I wasn’t sure how long it took to answer a question or if you were really able to answer many questions. I didn’t know how many you get each day. On 3/20/00 I sent you another email. I wanted to know if you ever saw me in a relationship with this blond haired, blue eyed man that I am attracted to. In the midst of all my pain and suffering over my girls, and not knowing if or when I would ever get them back, I felt so alone in this world. I would like to know if I will have a relationship with this man or am I destined to be alone for the rest of my life. My heart has hurt so much these past months over my girls that I really couldn’t understand why I was on this earth to suffer so much. How I have longed for a shoulder to cry on or a hand to hold on to during this time. I just wanted to know if this was how my life was going to be or if there was ever going to be any happiness ever again in my life. I guess when everything in your life seems to fall apart and the future looks bleak I just needed some tiny affirmation that maybe there was a silver lining in that dark cloud that has hung over my life for the past several years.

Thank you so much for answering my worries about my girls. I printed it off and have read your response so many times I have it memorized. If it’s ever in your heart to have time for me again let me know if there are happy times ahead. I have been so depressed I was just looking for some possible shred of happiness.

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart & I will let you know when my girls come home!


To: cdbyrd

Subject: CDB – Deardj

Dear Da Juana,

I thank you your love and care for the entire human race. Your site is of great comfort, having reading the horoscope almost daily and learning to accept things as they come.

It is a super day !

Dear Da Juana,

I have mailed you a question some time ago but I haven’t got any answer. Anyway, I have appreciated your responses to many different questions a lot! I think you are special and I want you to know that someone here is admiring you.

Your friend from Brazil,


Da Juana,

You ROCK!!! Thank you for clueing in Russ Martin and making 105.3 #1!!!… I listen to you all the time and you are one cool lady. I love your laugh. I know you are for real and not one of those plastic people. Keepup the good worl…I LOVE YOU…..J