It’s funny that people come to me for readings and sometimes for my teaching them how to do what I do.  Even if they can’t use their psychic ability as easily and as well as I do, it helps them to understand themselves better and to understand how to enhance their intuition.More...

Why does someone want to try to improve use of their own psychic ability, might be asked, especially if they have someone like me to do it for them?  All of us are gifted with some form of psychic ability.  It might be called intuition, gut or crazy but you have it.  You might not have as much as me but you still have it.  Once you decide to use your God given talent after having even a little bit of that intuition you will increase it leaps and bounds.

You’ve heard stories of mothers knowing that their child was in crisis.  Those same mothers had never had any inkling until that time that they had any such ability.  You’ve also heard that a person decided not to take a plane and later learned that it had crashed.  Just ask Waylon Jennings about that.  Up until that point, these people didn’t know they had any psychic ability. 

If you’ve had any occasion that you’ve had something extra ordinary happen on a paranormal basis, then you’re a candidate for increasing your ability.  Then you can help yourself live better by utilizing more knowledge.  My reason for being on the earth at this time is to teach you that you can have larger than life resources too.

Da Juana