Really like the gym….

Running comes in many forms not just the gym even though I really like the gym.  Since Claude and I have moved and still have everything in boxes because we’ll be moving from our leased house, we make it a point to work out at a gym.  Years ago, I weight trained a lot but that went by the wayside some time ago, that is, until now.More...

I’ve started weight training again and I feel great.  The days I do this makes my heart sing because it’s something I do totally for me.  It’s my dirty little secret.  Though I have to fit it into my busy schedule, I really don’t mind. 

Like reading for people all day, I get a rush from weight training.  Some call it runners high.  I just call it wonderful.  The fact is I might be a little grouchy when I don’t get it in.  And it’s not just weights.  I do cardio too.  Most people don’t walk as quickly as this short woman does.  So I get on the treadmill and walk to my heart’s content with someone on his or her treadmill beside me, talking all the way. 

I just worked it in again.  Guess you could tell by my run-away mouth.  But if you don’t exercise, try it once or twice and see if you don’t feel the same rush.  I rarely drink because I worry that I might tell someone when they will die.  Been known to do that before.  Doesn’t make for good friends.  But working out gives me that good feeling without having to say I’m sorry.

Pumped up and ready to go again.

Da Juana