Reincarnation-Elvis Presley is back?

Reincarnation-Elvis Presley is back?

If you don’t believe in reincarnation, that’s fine with me but I’ve seen it happen in my life as well as in those for whom I read. You really only live one life forever because you are truly a spirit but you wear physical clothing with each human existence as you’ve heard me mention before.

A couple of items you might want to understand regarding past lives is that when you return to life in human form, you generally bring some personality traits from prior lives with you. Also, likes and dislikes, human conditions or experiences for learning come again and again.

With that said, let’s get on with Elvis.

First let me say that I’ve never been a great fan of the man but that doesn’t mean a thing really. I watched others including friends and husbands fawn over him but I saw what they didn’t, the hurt. Because of that hurt in him, I kept my distance even from his music.

That’s one of the items I wish to bring up now. In his prior life as the “King,” Elvis loved expression through his music. He was ahead of his time and that’s what made him “King.” I’m sure you agree. He needed to believe he was loved but the love of his fans wasn’t enough.

Elvis chose people he thought loved him because he needed to be assured of that love. He constantly presented those he held close with gifts. Some might say that was because he was such a good person. Others might imply that it was because he was so sensitive. Still, others, like me, might say it was because he was so insecure.

Although he was at his pinnacle of greatness, he feared being unloved. After all, the person who meant most to him, his mother, was gone.

His astrological moon, which I looked up after having this information given to me years ago by the other side, tells the same story.

Elvis’s sun sign is Capricorn which made him very intelligent and intuitive in the business world. Given little choice, he allowed The Colonel to take over that part for him which proved later to be less than an ideal situation. Control was a strong issue here that he brought to his new life.

When Elvis returned to this life, he came back into a body who loved music as much as he had previously. He brought his sun sign, Capricorn, with him in this new life this time becoming his moon sign, his secret self.

This singing great had to bring some of the challenges he’d experienced before in terms of relating to parenthood and having someone else in charge of his business life. The voice and the sensitivity were still there but he decided to add something more to his character in terms of the accountant of the Zodiac, Virgo. And, he chose to come back in the region of the country that had taught him so much over his last lifetime. Elvis started singing again at a very young age and was immediately recognized as the talent that he is.

The one great issue that he’ll have to resolve and which may not be fixed this time is still his insecurity.

If you believe I’m going to tell you who he came back as, I’m not. That’s for you to decide. All you have to do is ask God, get quiet for a moment and believe what you first hear. Then you can research to make sure you’re right, the logical part to this supernatural past life drama.

Oh yeah! You can tell me who you think he is now and I might let you know if you see the same person I do.

At least we’re (yeah, me included although I still see hurt) enjoying Elvis’ voice again though the sound is different.

Da Juana