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Da Juana Byrd

Medium and Psychic

    Reincarnation, Native American Belief


Many people think that past lives and reincarnation are one in the same.  Basically, it’s easy to believe that because reincarnation means that the spirit which is your ghost has given up a precious, previous physical body and is reborn into a new corporeal physique which is most often the new you now.

The difference is that you are now living your current life in the present. Past lives are just that. You lived those lives in your past incarnations. Those past life incarnations are only here for you to further your spiritual evolution through life. By life this psychic and medium means the life of your spirit. The spirit lives on through many lifetimes of body.

If you’ve lived in the past and you live currently you can and will have a future life as well.  Whew! Did I make that clear or understandable? Hope so.

Another way to look at reincarnation is just as if you’re putting on new clothing. When the old clothing wears out you get new. The spirit needs new clothing in order to learn different lessons. This is all so that your spiritual ghost can learn to be more God like.

Now you can also see your future life too. Reincarnation of the spirit makes it possible as does physics to see past, present and future working without time per se but with continuation. A good medium or psychic can look at your past lives as to how they relate to your current life. Am I explaining this in a better manner?

But just to be clear, reincarnation is a rebirth and past life is the act of living a life in the past.

Past Life Reading

People generally come to me, medium and psychic, Da Juana Byrd, for learning about their past lives. This can be done either by simple hypnosis, deep meditation or by use of my Psychic and Medium abilities to get to the crux of their past life or lives for them.

When I see the past life, it has to have some common trait being exhibited in that person’s life today. That’s part of the issue for those coming to me.

For instance, I had a lady just yesterday tell me that I’d asked her one day if she was frightened of dark places. She reiterated that I said “Really frightened,” meaning she didn’t want to go into a dark room at her home or garage where she knew she was ordinarily safe. She had the kind of heart-pounding fear that makes you run into the room for the light switch on the far wall or forgo the investigation of the room at all. That’s the kind of fright of which I spoke.

She looked at me for a long while, then answered “Yes,” and repeated that she thought everyone had that same type of fear. This lady mentioned that she’d always felt like that and even with her more than adequate years on this earth now hadn’t been able to break this fear.

At that point, she told me that I said to her, “That’s because you were killed at three-years-old but before that you were kept in a very dark place.”

That’s when she remembered the fear of being that young and helpless child relying upon the person who ultimately killed her.

You see, past lives bring back abnormal fears especially if you died in that past life in a violent manner. For her, she has to have complete control of all facets of her life now. That comes from being unable to keep herself safe as a toddler in her recent past life.

Another Past Life Reading

Another example might be a past life of a man I know who has a scar on his shoulder which was there at birth. I was unaware of his having a scar from birth. When he mentioned the subject of past lives I immediately brought up scars surviving from life to life. It’s just a psychic fact. The paranormal is boundless.

Because he is a very spiritual, biblically oriented man, he hadn’t mentioned the scar on his shoulder or the fact that he remembered living with many people through the United States Civil War. I brought up that he was probably the reincarnation of his grandfather or great grandfather because he was probably shot and it never healed right. His scar remained so that he could remember the past life and what it had taught him.

That’s when this man responded that his great, great grandfather had been shot and left with a wound that never healed correctly. This wound bothered his great, great grandfather by bleeding at times for the rest of his life, which was a considerably long time. And yes, you guessed it; he was shot in the shoulder. His scar was major in his life as you’ve probably guessed both in that past life when he was shot and this life which carries a scar as a reminder of what happened in his past.

This brings a memory to me of a passage in the Bible about the sins of the father being visited on the sons and the grandsons of the man who perpetuated some bold crime in that life. Karma, life’s shadow and general all-around-conscious, stays quiet but remembers and follows us from life to life. I can see how the Biblical version might be right on, can’t you?

This man didn’t even know that great, great grandfather but he has memories. What’s more is over his lifetime he studied the Civil War endlessly.

Actually, this man had two past lives in war. That doesn’t mean he believes in war but when your country calls you to action, especially if you are a male in a time of only males going to war, you go.


Do you have to have Past Lives or Reincarnation to have Karma? Why no this medium and psychic says. You can have it on a daily basis in your current life. You know that old song, “Me and my Shadow.” It should have been “Me and my Karma” because Karma is the shadow of choices you make currently to create new challenges and pleasures in your next life.

You’ve probably had past lives and thus Karma though and you don’t even realize it. We humans like to believe in good and bad luck. We don’t want to take responsibility for our actions but our soul or spirit knows what we’ve done and that’s Karma.

Karma does follow you from life-to-life but it’s the choices you make in this life that creates Karma here so that it can follow you on to other life’s adventures and choices in Reincarnation. This is just as it was in your past life. If you’ve read anything else I’ve said like “Life is Psychic” on the menu here you realize where Karma comes from and what it’s role is in your life.

Between Life

Between lives when you’re in spirit form you associate with like-minded people to set up challenges and pleasures for choice in your next life. When I mention like-minded I mean these people who want to learn with you in some communal fashion to help themselves evolve spiritually too.

Most often we humans reincarnate with others we know, sometimes loved, other times disliked because we know each other’s spirit.

It’s the same with the animals in our lives. Pets like to come back to be with us although most have shorter lives and can reincarnate several times with the same human friend. Imagine that. How often have you thought that a new pet resembled one of your other dead pets? Just for a moment you wondered?

Between lives is where the spirit can rest and create without outside influences based on carnal knowledge.

Others who want to join you in this life you’re creating help to form events starting with your birth and theirs on our good green earth. Then you make choices and choices create more choices but all of this started in between lives.

Next you pick who will be your parents, challenges for them because their challenges and joys influence your life. You’ve got genetics in the mix. Everything has a reason. Nothing is by accident. This makes you look at God in a wholly different manner, doesn’t it?

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Ways to Learn if You’ve Had a Past Life.

Fears, foods, life lessons and joys have a relationship to your past lives.

An example is a great singer who everyone loved died. He created something wonderful for people to love but he didn’t live his life as well as he wanted. Even though he supposedly had everything a person could want, the thing he wanted most was to know he was loved for himself not because of his voice. Truly though that spectacular voice and he were one in the same. He never learned this while on earth.

He chose his time to die (another story) but he missed the earth and being adored by his fans. So, he came back with the same lesson he didn’t attain before.

When he decided to be reborn into his new female body she instantly becomes a child prodigy singer because all she wants to do is sing. And she has the voice for it just like he did. She believes in past lives but took it for granted that she was a female singer in a past life.

Of course, her life has to be looked at in terms of what he learned while here the life before. If you don’t finish your lessons then they’re like history you’re doomed to repeat those situations in another life but possibly in a different manner. She is now working with that history and those life educations and wondering if she’s really loved for herself again.

Fears are one of the best ways to tell if you’ve had a past life that is still with you as in the case of the lady above who was frightened of the dark. In this life this female singer has to come to terms with knowing she’s loved. And she’s trying very hard to do so.

Fear from Past Life Helps Current Life

I had a client come to me and tell me he couldn’t sleep at night.

I casually mentioned that he had just bought a new bedroom suite a couple of weeks before. “Yeah, how did you know?”

“It’s made of wood and looks dark like an old water-logged-ship, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

Taking a breath from the old psychic and medium frustration wondering why he came to me in the first place if he doesn’t think I know the answer, I mentioned, “Isn’t that what you came to me for. To know? For me to tell you.”

In a past life, you were on a ship tied to your bed. You were very tired and sick. Someone decided to help you get into another life whether in between lives or just dead and wanted it done then.

That person saw you as a bother and someone taking up food and water. He, after stabbing you to death, didn’t have to look at or hear you breathe or moan anymore. The bad thing is that you didn’t know why he decided to kill you. There didn’t seem to be a reason. You’re the type man that needs a reason for everything.

I saw this man while at a psychic fair a few weeks later and he related the whole story back to me.

That’s how I remember his story. It’s because unless you tell me or stop me in the middle of the reading I won’t remember what we talked about. He told me he was sleeping fine now and hadn’t had anymore nights that he laid awake fearing for his life.

That’s what generally happens once you learn why you have a fear that’s been with you or come into your life suddenly. When you figure out the reason you can face it and overcome it in your current life. Past life helps in your current life. See. Always a reason.

Foods, Dreams and Déjà vu Can Help You Remember Past Lives or a Different Reincarnation.

Foods you’ve recently craved after having never cared for them is another example of discovering your past life. For so many years I had no desire for Chinese food to the point of feeling ill thinking about even having that type food.

Then one day after having a “quote” dream (really was the past life dream) I started wanting Chinese food, especially Cantonese. Later I found that I also love Szechuan but that was only because I allowed the Chinese agricultural community back into my life.

Fears, strong likes and dislikes, memories and feelings of déjà vu mark past lives while you’re living currently.

My psychic and medium thought is that God is the greatest recycler of all. Souls may come from other universes to be born onto earth just as we may well travel to theirs. There are no limits with the soul. God, who’s called by many names, directs everything. We did not happen nor do we live by accident.

Past Lives and Reincarnation work to reinforce our spiritual evolution just as Karma does.