Reincarnation Present Day Life

A true reincarnation tale is being told to show you how Karma affects your lives or in my belief, life. You see for me, a psychic and medium, my belief is that your spirit life is like a book. Each chapter is a life within a life. Therefore you’re a great big adventuresome book.

My friend has a son who is a stay-at-home dad. This is not what he’d thought he’d sign up to be but his wife has such a wonderful career that he’s had to be the one who takes care of the kiddos. Not only that but they move every two or three years around the world. Now that in itself should have this adventuresome young dad happy but it doesn’t. Like many wives he feels taken for granted and can’t do the job his passion desires because he is secondary to his wife.

When he was able finally to seek his chosen field because they’d be staying in that state for a while, he sought and found his dream job. Within a few months she found out that they’d be moving to Europe for a few years. Europe is hardly the place for him to grow in his desired field but he’s the stay-at-home dad. Remember?

Now my friend is beginning to see changes in her son. He’s not as happy as he once was. Yes, he still loves his children and his wife but he’s becoming more depressed with his situation. He’s a total man’s man and yet he can’t assert his manly demeanor because he took this job on.

Imagine being him without looking and saying a little too eagerly, “Oh poor man. We women have had to do this much too long to feel sorry for him.” Reincarnation is taking a victim of sorts or maybe I’d say a real man.

Now, Karma takes its toll. In a past life he was an oil rig worker in the ocean or the Gulf. In the age he did this which was over forty or fifty years ago it took a pretty adventurous lot. They didn’t have all the amenities they do now.

He was killed by a piece of machinery and a fall leaving his young wife and children without the life-giving money he sent home and the presence of their father. They didn’t fare well. He watched from the other side. His wife and children only wanted him home. Guilt for that brought him to this life. Do you see how he does his penance now?

Karma always gets his man or woman. You can’t escape this shadow. It follows you from life to life creating the spiritual person you are. In his past life he was all about him. Now he’s all about his family which leaves little room for being the testosterone laden male he was. This time he may even have problems with that part of his life which can prove critical to his health. Body, mind and spirit are interconnected.

This psychic and medium is really careful about my Karma because I know each occurrence in life brings Karmic events now and later. These events are real cases for reincarnation.

Da Juana Byrd