Reincarnation is a belief that divides spiritual thinking among many.  Personally, I believe in it.  I’ve seen the lives of others and those of myself.  It’s something I live each day and, as an environmentalist, know that God is the greatest recycler of all, so why not reincarnation.  Of course, you know I’ve made my thoughts on this subject known before.More... 

Most Christian religions definitely have a problem with the belief of reincarnation although it’s plainly written in the Bible. 

My father, the minister, and I were talking the other day.  As we were speaking, I brought up talking with someone he’d read quite a lot about in the Bible, John the Baptist.  He asked me in the professional daddy, preacher voice if I knew whom John the Baptist was.  I answered that I did.  It wasn’t good enough for him.  He asked again.  That’s when I told him that I knew John pretty intimately; well, as much as possible on a friendship, mentor level. 

He asked again and then proceeded to tell me that John was born to a barren woman as a predecessor to the coming Christ.  And, get this one, he was Elijah reborn.  Boy, did he walk into that one. 

That’s when I mentioned to him that we really have some of the same beliefs.  He got leery but knew his subject and knew he was right.  “Daddy,” I said, “Our beliefs aren’t that far apart.  You just admitted to believing in reincarnation just as I do.”

He hemmed and hawed for a moment with, “No, I don’t believe in reincar……..guess I do in this case.”

It’s funny how all religions have some beliefs that even though we don’t realize it come together with others’ spiritual beliefs.  Why can’t we all just love each other in the name of whatever you want to call God?

Da Juana