Representative Anthony Weiner

Well here we are again with some politician willing to provide more than kisses to babies with the ongoing saga of Representative Anthony Weiner. Furthermore, we have people laughing about the correlation of pictures and his name while politicians hold up their hands and scream for his resignation.

And, guess what? He just happens to be a Democrat. Let me see now! Have we just heard about another couple of politicians that have love children? And was one a Democrat and the other a Republican? Oh my, I get so confused. I guess the next scandal will take the heat off this one.

Over my years I’ve seen people point fingers at others while they were doing the exact thing on which they were making accusations. I’ve always tried to live by the rule, “Except by the grace of God go I” oh and that other one too, “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” So I really try not to point my finger anywhere unless I’m giving directions.

The only problem with this is, and it doesn’t take a psychic to ask nor am I pointing fingers but…, when will these people learn that when they’re under scrutiny and with the advent of so much informational media, “Do they really think they won’t get caught?” You got to wonder if they have a political death wish not to mention do they mean to hurt their family too. At the very least, are they dumb?

The reason I call my talent a gift is because it’d be so easy to become big-headed and that’s not what my gifts about. It’s so easy to let ego take over when you think you’re above others. Big headedness leads to not being able to process information logically in my opinion.

And then there’s this. “Oh, I’m so sorry.” And you hear the underlying finishing of that sentence, “That I got caught.” It’s so easy for some to breathe with baited breath and tears streaming down their faces, looking oh so sincere how sorry they are.

As you know, I think people come here to educate themselves in spirituality most of which is learn to take responsibility seriously. Maybe they’re learning their lesson.

Da Juana

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