Republican and Democrat……

There are only two real parties in United States politics and that is Republican and Democrat.  Of course there are those of us who have voted for someone other than one of those parties as a protest vote because we’re tired of the same old, same old.  I’m guilty of that.  All my life I’ve voted Republican mostly until a few years ago.  In Louisiana, where I grew up, it just wasn’t what you did.  In other words, I was Republican when it wasn’t cool. More... 

Even then I voted the man because it was mostly men and didn’t respect party lines but Republicans just seemed to be the people I respected then.  In the last few years I’ve come to realize that I’m more an Independent and that doesn’t mean a party.  It means that I can look at views from both sides and see some merit.  But……I can also become a little let down by what I see happening in our great country of the United States where freedom of speech and thought, which were both once considered sacred by our founders are now being condemned as well. 

The anger both parties have for the other is ridiculous.  Is it a sign of the times where we listen to people screaming at each other for our nightly news shows?  Is it our continuing impatience with others that accounts for this?  Is it our selfish behavior?  Or, is it that we know that we’re the only one right in this beautiful world of ours?

Since right before the year 2000, I noticed a change in the American public.  For me, as a psychic, it was so noticeable that it almost took my breath away like working a murder when I have an empathic feeling the victim was strangled.  It hits me at my very core.  That’s when I noticed friends, families and acquaintances turning on each other over politics. 

I kept hoping that the flock approach, where birds of a feather stuck together and thought all other birds were going the wrong way, would change.  My brother, a former and you can never be former, Navy Seal and my father, a World War II vet, who I always remember on veteran holidays, because I’m very appreciative that they fought to give me the right to my free speech and thought processes, were both so caught up in we have to hurt the person who hurt us on September 11 that they felt anyone who opposed the current administration were traitors.  My human patriotic thoughts made me want to hurt the person who hurt us but I wanted it to be specific and to get the people who created this havoc even though I know one reaction begets another just as Einstein proposed.  Because of this, my brother, whom I love, said that I was unpatriotic.  That’s a crock and he and I had a good, heated talk about it.  And you know what I’m talking about. 

We’ve always lived in a country where freedom of speech was a given and we respected it because we knew that lives were lost for our right to speak freely.  Patriotism requires that you understand how you won the right to speak your mind without fear of repercussion.  It was won on the deaths of men and women who fought gallantly to keep your thoughts and speech free.  I applaud our troops; both those who fought previous wars and those fighting now and I thank God for them. 

Now, here’s where my right to speak comes in.  Our country is a wonderful, prosperous nation and I’m thankful for that.  Being the Libra I am I look at both sides of the equation.  I also know that there are people who think badly of me because I’m a psychic and that’s their right.  After having talked to people around the world, both in readings and in friendships, I’ve learned that some other countries see us with the same thoughts we have of them.  I’m not saying any of us are right in our beliefs because, believe me, I’m still learning each day but I am saying our rights to our beliefs were paid for with the deaths of our soldiers.  Instead, we should pay tribute to those soldiers by remembering them for the sacrifice they made each time we speak, whether it is going with the masses or whether it is different from another’s point of view, without spewing that antagonizing phrase that unless you’re with us, you’re against us.  And why can’t we really say what we think without having to defend our thoughts and speech in this great country?  The other choice is to remain silent because of the unpatriotic moniker used so quickly now.  What’s right? 

This United States of America is a great nation because we’re not all yes men.  And thank God and our soldiers for our right to be able to agree and disagree.

That’s my beliefs.

Da Juana