Requesting more insight into ghosts….

Jill is back requesting more insight into ghosts using a subject on which we can all learn. Here is her email.

“Thank you for answering me. I have another question in the same area…..about 1 month ago I was asleep when all of the sudden my eyes just popped open and the hall light was on. It was off when I went to bed and I live alone so no one else could have put it on. I looked at it for about 30 seconds then it just went out by itself. I was not afraid and turned over and went to sleep. Several days later I was asleep when I was awakened by lights shining in my eyes almost as if someone had shined a high powered beam right in my eyes….again there was no there but me. Even this did not scare me. Is this the handiwork of a ghost? Thanking you in advance….


To answer simply, yes, Jill, it was ghosts.

Here’s the thing. Remember that you felt no anxiety at all. Fear was the farthest thing from your mind. Upon birth we humans, like every animal, are equipped with adrenaline so that we can fight or flee anything set to harm us. You didn’t achieve that adrenaline rush that would have brought you straight out of bed. Instead you waited and watched until the light went back out signifying that you were fine. Later in the week, your ghostly friends got just a bit braver by shining the light into your eyes.

Let me mention that you can get them to stop by telling them you know they’re with you and you’re not afraid. Further, you’d rather they didn’t wake you in this manner in the middle of the night unless you enjoy it, that is.

Generally ghosts like to play with us when we’re in REM sleep, at around two-four in the morning.  And though you didn’t mention the time it was probably in that area. That’s because you’re in the deepest relaxed state you can be in without being on the other side totally and spirits don’t have as much trouble getting you to notice them then.

To put this into practical terms since you’re experiencing metaphysical phenomenon you can learn to use this in your daily life by making it develop. It doesn’t mean that you need to become a professional psychic and medium like me but rather that you learn to make sense of those communications and use them to help you make a better living, communicate well with others and more.

Thanks for sharing, Jill.

Da Juana

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