Resolve or start over….You can you know….

Resolutions are made with the best of intent on New Years Eve.  Generally they may last at least a week or two but then reality sets in or the lack of purpose.  At any rate, they turn up missing without remorse, or maybe just a little.  Don’t despair!More...

Connie and I were talking today about something we decided yesterday, February 11, 2007 at 11:00 AM.  It wasn’t a coincidence on the timing.  It happened at that time.  Anyway, we decided to make a choice to make our lives better for us.  You know, without the resolutions but with the idea that we could make our lives healthier and more prosperous. 

Both of us being the psychics we are, we know that choices made create our existence.  At any point you can change your attitude and your existence.  That’s what we’ve decided to do.  And we’ve invited Claude in on it too. 

Last night, another friend, Sandra, called and told me that she wanted to do the same thing.  To look at her, you’d think she has it all together but she wanted to start by eating more healthy foods and make her life better by doing so.  Now, that gets the ball rolling.  We have four now.  Do you want to work towards it with us?  Let me know.

Da Juana