Responsibility for your life starts before you’re born.

Responsibility for your life starts before you’re born.  That’s the spiritual way in which our world revolves.  It is all about you, who you are, what your wants are and how you handle your life.  Life is a spiritual evolution that started long before you were born.More...

Do you think I’ve gone off the deep end?  So many things happen to children that can’t take the responsibility for what adults did to them.  My answer to that is still a resounding, yes, even children, on the other side, allowed themselves to be born into situations that hit big gray areas in order to evolve spiritually. 

Giving up control is part of responsibility for our own actions.  Choices made, whether considered good or bad, only pound home the effects of that responsibility.  Allowing one self to be put into a situation that increases your responsibility quotient only gives you a leg up on your spiritual ladder. 

For instance, on the other side, I decided to be born to parents who made some karmic choices for my two brothers and me that others might find hard.  They weren’t always easy to accept but it’s how my brothers and I came out and made our own lives that told the karmic tale.   

So, when others want to pass up the ability to choose responsibly, I have a hard time with it.  Maybe that’s part of my karmic lesson this time too.  I can’t control it all.

Da Juana