Rina and her husband……

Well, call me soft-hearted or something and if you can read this letter, thought I would answer here if you don’t mind. It is straight from my email without any editing but……thought she might need just a little help.



“hello, i really dont know what i should be writing..i  ask for much without being able to pay right now,but if u feel u can the plz help me…i lost my husband 8months bak to cancer?hospitals and doctors and yes God…till last day i was wishing and hoping for a miracle coz i never thought God would betray me..i feel betrayed by God and i feel i’ve betrayed my husband coz i had told him dat i’d make him fine no matter wot and if i fail i’ll take my own life but here i am still alive  everyday i die a new death..its been 8 months now i dont get out of the house,i have stopped meeting  anybody,i dont talk to my friends or my bro.sis..i am alive but not living..i’ve studied a lot about regression,past life and reincarnation..i am from India and from childhood we are taught abt past life and karma..but still i am  not able to accept anything..i know God exists but y does he close his eyes when we need him most?the worst part is the way he made my husband suffer in hospital..last one month he was on venti.in ICU..couldnt even speak..y this torture?if he wanted to take life y did he prolong it?i LOVE Him. Talk to Him every second of my day, in activity and in silence with deep prayer, with the unceasing desire of  heart..i broke my promise..i just want to know if he’s at peace?please help..i am from India and really dont know how i’ll make payments but i deparately want some solace…just one msg. frm him and maybe y this happened to us?and i want him to be at peace..till we meet again..please help me.




Rina, God did not take your husband. This was something you and he set up on the other side and started to work on here for the spiritual lessons involved. Choices made by the two of you for your spiritual growth made this horrific lesson possible.


He is at peace and is showing me something on his right hand; I think the back of it, which he thinks you will recognize. He says that you need to get on with life. Do you really think he wants you dead? This was never true. Get out and start life again with his memory and his spirit around you each day. Because he is where he is now, you will never be alone but that doesn’t mean drawing away from life. It means make him proud of your strength and perseverance. Otherwise, since you know karma, you might have to work through this lesson again. So, please, don’t put the two of you through this again because he will come back to assist again and endure whatever he has to for the both of you.


Hope this helps.


Da Juana