You should have been with us last Saturday.  We had a wonderful time, at least Connie and I did.  Most of the audience mentioned that they did too. More... 

People tell me that they have something like a runner’s high when they’ve come to one of my classes.  It’s because our vibrations go up and it takes a while to come down.  Also we have to have the air conditioner on.  Even Sandra forgot to look for a jacket.  She’s always cold, maybe because she’s about as big as a minute.  But I noticed that even she appeared comfortable.  And Cathy was running as usual, so you couldn’t tell about her. 

The only problem with the day came when a church group, I think, decided that they needed to be very loud in order to override anything us psychics were doing.  At the hotel we were in on a Saturday, we had several of their attendees come by to see what we were up to.  They didn’t sound like Seventh Day Adventist to me, more like a good old-fashioned revival. 

It’s funny to me because both our groups were expressing ideas about God.  They just didn’t know we were because they had already made up their minds that we couldn’t be anything good. 

Thankfully, our group was open-minded enough to think better of them for that and to say prayers for their thoughtlessness. 

But, all in all, it was a wonderful day.

Da Juana