Savoring the moment!

Each day, in fact each moment, we have the ability to make life-changing choices. That is how, and you know I hate to use this word, powerful we are at creating our own existences. But that is not the only item I want to confront today.


The message I have is that we need to savor each moment as if it is our last. In doing so, we can change our attitudes and our lives for the best. Just like a baby, touching everything, listening for mother’s voice and the whole new world they are involved in, smelling, tasting and seeing. These children are always savoring that moment. As adults, we tend to move away from being able to savor the moment because we feel we are running out of time. And we are.


With that in mind, wouldn’t you really like to remember yourself on the other side as one who savored each moment while alive, even if is the memory of some horrible smell that you one time tried to identify. Cherishing the fact that you are able to do so is what I am speaking of. And using each moment to reinvent exactly what you want. That’s the creator in you.


Take the time to live.


Da Juana