Scents or sense?

Yesterday, or was it this morning, my days tend to run together, when I was outside with my girls, I got a whiff of an odor that I haven’t smelled in years? Though this aroma is not one that I particularly love, I stood and breathed in deeply. It took me back to my childhood.


That’s what smells do for you. If it is not a scent that you smell at the moment and even if it is, they can hit on psychic impressions. Odors are some of the strongest precipitators of psychic impressions. I know that I use them along with my other five senses to help solve murders. (Don’t ask. There are six senses.) Like the time I smelled barbeque smoke at a murder scene and I wasn’t even there. The murder had happened next to a barbeque restaurant.


This morning or yesterday, whenever it was, hope this is just hard work and not, what is it?, that thing where you forget, when I smelled that odor, I was back in time with my father watching our pet goats, one especially. He pulled a wagon and liked to butt daddy’s hand and you never, ever bent over in front of him. Guess he thought it was a big hand.


Da Juana