Today, while outdoors, I realized that we are very close to one hundred degrees. And I guess you will say, well, that’s Texas heat but I found it in Louisiana and Arizona too while visiting. The difference is humidity but I digress.

I really love summer days and I know it’s spring but it feels like summer. And I love fall days too. That brings up a whole other situation because that is around my birthday and I get to feeling caged in sometimes. Not good when you are married. Bet you can’t guess that I love those other two seasons too. Winter in Colorado is snowy but has it’s own virtues. That’s my point, anywhere you live; weather is something talked about. And so is your home.

And that brings me to changes of seasons. Changes are sometimes good. They make you enjoy the times you love even more. Boredom and wishes for changes can make you create. When someone says they are bored, Katie-bar-the-door, changes are in the wind. Some are not always what the speaker wants but they get them when they open that creative door unless they express exactly what they desire. Being bored is something I try hard to steer clear of. So, right now, I really like this one hundred degree weather with no hope of rain. And when it does rain, I will like that too.

Da Juana