Seeing is believing!

What’s the word I want to use here? You know it’s when a person refuses to look at or believe what they hear without careful investigation. Even when they have been shown time and again that the information they are getting is right on, they still question. Does that mean that they are intelligent? I prefer to believe that is true because the only other option would be that they are hardheaded or an even better word, stubborn.


I don’t see myself as either of those two words even though Claude says I can be. Instead, I prescribe to the facts. When I see it with my own two, sometimes three (Don’t think I am bizarre. There is a third eye for psychics.), eyes, then I will believe it or if I hear it with my two ears. But I am one of the most logical psychics you will ever meet. If I can’t taste it, smell it, hear it, feel it or see it, then I have a real problem with it.


And that leads me to the problem I am having now. Questions to the other side about where I will be living are coming up with less than I desire. Sometimes you have to be hit on the hard head in order to find out these things. Right now, I would even take that because I am very unclear as to where I will be putting down roots. I am ready and willing to listen, have my antennae up and ready…..really ready.


It’s horrible when a psychic tells you that they are looking for answers. But here I am, looking. One of the hardest things that I have had to learn this time on earth is that I am human. We humans sometimes have to wait. Not something I am very good at either.


Da Juana