Seeing the future for loved ones.

Sometimes, as a psychic, you have to use a little harder language than you would like to get your point across. And when it is with your husband, then it makes it even harder. Generally, I believe in giving the message although I might omit what I think a person can’t stand to hear or I might put some sugar with it to make it easier to swallow but there are times when you just can’t do that. At different points in their lives, some people will not allow that.


Today was one of those days. Claude and I had a real talk about what I see in the future for him, for me and for both of us. Being the psychic that I am, I generally read for myself and those close to me even though I may not say a word about it. For the past few years I have been trying to believe that I have been unable to read for myself but each day events happen that tell me I am still right on about our lives. And that can lead to a scare.


Certainly it is not easy to tell others what you see if it isn’t good. Well, multiply that by the world and you can understand how bad that would be when it is someone you love. I always say prayers for others after I have given them news that they may not like in the future. Another thing that I always tell people is that I am not one hundred percent. I don’t know a psychic who is but we have high batting averages. I always try to leave hope because without hope what have you got? It can be scary living with me.


Here’s to living and living well!!!!


Da Juana