Seeing things

Without second sight, I don’t know how I would function. Surely not half as well as I do now. But I have a problem with it too. Most every time I see something, I question it. Logic dictates I do this. Maybe I even argue a little with the other side. That could be a Libra quality but I’m really not sure. It just seems logical to me to question things I am not really sure of. That way I don’t feel as if I am a sheep being led to the dinner table. As I have said before, “I thank God for my questioning mind.”

Another thing I am very grateful for is the continuing education I get with my second sight. For me, it is not really second to anything. It is first. As my ex-husband used to explain to me, “Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?” I believe me first and can be led to different views by someone who knows what they are talking about. But they have to prove it to me.

That’s why, when I see a ghost, I make sure that all the logical reasons for seeing one is in place. Now, sometimes that ghost can’t get any plainer and I know specifically what it is. But, sometimes, they come like one did the other day, having human form but with a watery translucence. I had to believe that was a ghost because it had weight. That was a new one for me. And every day I learn something new even if it is a new word.

Da Juana