Sending it home!

As a person who interacts each day with ghosts, I am not above sending them home with someone else so that they can watch over my loved one. Another item I might suggest is when someone wasn’t happy with a person who has passed over that the dead person somehow try to make amends. Or at the very least give the person the ability to speak to whatever bothered them while the dead person was alive. For personal growth, each of us needs to look our lives over. After a person has died, it is not always easy for the live person to do. So if the dead person makes contact in some fashion, such as a dream, then it can be discussed and solved.

For me, I don’t see this as interferrence because both parties have the option (choice) of saying no. Most of the time they don’t. Afterwards, I generally hear how much better they felt after airing out their dirty laundry. They may never know that I asked the ghost to give them the chance to talk it out.

It helps both sides to resolve issues that loomed heavy on both parties. Ghosts have issues too. And they continually work on those and other items after they die. Life goes on. If I can help either side, then I have done my job. Before I was born I agreed to come here to help myself and others. I try. And I enjoy some of life too.

Da Juana