SenseAbilities over the weekend…..

You should have been with us at SenseAbilities over the weekend.  We had fun learning both from the questions we answered and examined and from the ghosts that visited to give information to several in our audience.More...

That leads me to another item which happens to me quite often and which I’ve learned to do tenderly.  People don’t really expect a medium such as me to be able to get information from the other side.  Even as a psychic, people tend to think that I’m unable to know certain things though their first words to me when they learn I’m a medium and psychic is, “Don’t tell me anything bad.”  Their next words are, “Do you see anything bad around me?”

After working with others both on the physical plane and those who’ve been born again to what the soul really is, a spiritual entity, I’ve learned to give information in a different sometimes difficult, for me, manner. 

For instance, Saturday, I pointed to two different people.  These were the two who told me they didn’t know what I was talking about.  I don’t remember the whole conversation but I remember their not knowing what I was talking about.  That’s not unusual and is my topic of the day.

Connie and I were pulling people from the audience with whom ghosts wanted to talk. 

With one, I saw her first initial and told her that I saw it.  The reason is that when information starts to come, like any good detective, I have to follow.  I didn’t know it was her first initial but went where I was led.  I did know it was a female’s initial.  She told me that she didn’t know who it was.  Later in the coffee line, I asked her name.  It was her first initial.  It wasn’t that she wasn’t thinking.  It was that we just don’t think that someone else could come up with something we didn’t know.  Then I gave her another initial and what the person looked like.  That’s when she got a message from the other side….one, I think she was pleased to receive from her grandfather.

Another lady had a man standing right in front of her showing himself as if in a sepia colored photograph but he was moving within the frame.  When I told her that the man was someone who cared for her very much, she said she didn’t know who it was.  Her daughter was beside her, when after SenseAbilities I stopped her.  Then I told her the rest of the story and gave her more information.  Her daughter poked her in the arm and kept repeating, “That’s the photo of your dad.”

I’ve found that if I point blank tell someone that someone from the other side is there; they have to mentally block this.  This isn’t to be logical.  It’s for protection.  I understand.  I’m very logical.  After getting them to place the person with whom I knew it was, I can give them the message from the deceased individual.  That’s the joy in what I do.

Da Juana