She sees ghosts…….

Hope you don’t get tire of this but Tracy wrote:

“I think I brought a ghost home, it disturbs me when I’m sleeping, opens doors, and such.  I have just recently seen “him” a young man probably in his late teen to 20’s.  The reason I think I brought him home is because I’ve seen the same spirit at work.  I have had weird stuff going on prior to seeing him recently, my cats were following some unknown thing around my apartment with their heads pointed to the ceiling.  Now I’m seeing him.  When I saw him recently he startled me and I yelled at him “oh it’s you, go away”  My question is this, did I bring him from work?  He isn’t bothering me but I don’t want him around in the same sense.  Any advice, I also use sage and prayer to keep the energy positive.  This is a recent issue this spirit was not always the case here.”

Tracy, the ghost isn’t following you because it wants to disturb you but because you are psychic or shall we say, a medium.  You see him and that makes him very happy. The cats see him.  Not only that but you talk with him.  Sage and prayer are good but you will always see spirits and guess what?  Inappropriate spirits will not come to you unless you decide to start working murders, like me.  Then they only come to help you solve the case and they don’t stay long.  You are in command of your life, who you choose to let visit your home and where you choose to go ordinarily.

Be glad you can see this nice young man.  He’s making you see the gift you have.

Happy Holidays

Da Juana