Shock Jock got psychic call from dad’s ghost

Have you ever noticed that you too have psychic input? One of those ways to notice your very own psychic gift is when you think of a person you haven’t spoken with or seen for a long time or very simply that you want to speak with and they call. See you have your very own psychic gift.

This happens to me all the time. At times it’s even with ghosts. When someone I love hasn’t come to see me or spoken in a long period of time and when I least expect it after thinking about them, they come. That’s a psychic phone call.

When we need to see a loved one, living or dead all we have to do is think of them and wish they’d call. It’s that easy.

Reminds me of a shock jock interview I did some years ago. One of the people that worked with him called and asked if I’d do filler for her. Because I loved her I said yes even though it would be between two radio interviews I’d agreed to prior to her calling. And I told her that I only had a specified number of minutes to which she declared they’d agree.

At any rate, this shock jock didn’t have the same compunction she did. He started after me from the front of the five-minute interview. He didn’t believe in me, that kind of stuff. I told him that didn’t matter.  I could care less but because a friend had asked I did his show and now had to go because I’d had his five minutes of ranting at me. Then he said one thing that I’ll never forget. That was, “You haven’t even seen a ghost for me yet. You can’t go until you do.”

That’s when I notified him that ghosts have free will and don’t have to answer when called. They’re just like us. Ghosts, like us, can see who’s on the phone and choose whether to answer or not. At the time I told him that no ghost had appeared. Before I could get the words out, the ghost came to sit in front of me.

Quickly, because of the time crunch, I told this man what the ghost looked like and how quiet his nature was, very much unlike his son. Quiet on the radio is usually frowned upon but a pin could have dropped and all would have recognized that it was a pin dropping. The silence was deafening.

Next, upon recovering some of his composure from the tears he was shedding, he asked, “Do you know who this ghost is?”

I answered yes and that he knew as well but he wanted a couple more clues. I gave them and said, “So now, you’ve heard from a ghost. I’ve got to go.”

Moreover, I can’t remember who the disc jockey was but I remember this and was very impressed when his father came in to the station for one more visit from the other side to let his son know he was still alive.

So the next time you think of someone alive or dead and get a visit in some manner, remember you’re psychic too. And if they’re dead (always alive), then you’re a medium just like me.

Da Juana Byrd