Sidney Sheldon…..a determined man

Last night I noticed that Sidney Sheldon died.  Before we go further, I haven’t seen his ghost.  I just wanted to say that we’ve lost a very good author.  When I was a little younger, won’t say how many years, I read his books and fell in love with his writing.  As a writer who started out at the tender age of 17 after leaving his parents, he made as much a week ($17.00) working for Universal Studios.  This man knew what he wanted and went after it.  And boy-oh-boy, look what he’s done.More...


Sidney intrigued me from his first book I picked up and started to read.  At the time I had no idea that he was also writing for Universal Studios.  All I knew is he was a naughty writer who put me right on the edge of everything moment in his book.  He was a real page-turning author.  Some of his books were: The Other Side of Midnight, Rage of Angels, and Windmills of the Gods.  The man knew how to write. 


His writing though is not what I want to address right now.  It was his determination and desire.  Sidney had two parents who could barely read had a son who had the desire to become what he knew he could.  He left home at 17 and didn’t look back but just went for it.  I’m sure there might have been a little trepidation but he had something that drove him on.  And aren’t we glad he did?


Right now, please go within.  Think about what you have always wanted to do and take that step down the road towards doing it.  Really all we have is time.  Make the most of it.


Oh, and by the way, a side note to Sidney.  If you want to drop by any time, you’re always welcome.


Da Juana