Today, I saw two little hummingbirds fighting over the juice I so lovingly prepare for them. The problem was that I thought they were all gone because I hadn’t seen any in a few days. You know they trek to Mexico or thereabouts this time of year. Anyway, I got to feeling like a lousy feeder. So I made them more.


It caused me to remember when Claude and I first bought our ranch. The Monarch butterflies were making their way to Mexico and were so thick it looked like ashes floating on the breeze except for one small thing. We were frightened of stepping on our beautiful visitors. For as far as the eye could see, while looking up, we could see butterflies. Not to mention walking through them like running through an obstacle course. It was magnificent. Then I started to realize that some of the butterflies had flown so long that they became tired. When they hit the ground, it was as if they had been sleeping, like a driver who hits speed bumps and realizes they should be awake, they would jerk almost and take off flying again.


Their flight tactics continued for three days. That is one of the wonders Claude and I have seen together.


Da Juana