Since discussing Elizabeth Edwards prior to her death…

Since discussing Elizabeth Edwards prior to her death on the subject of seeing past lives when close to death (rebirth to your true self really), I’d like to take a moment to discuss another item which happens around the time of your spiritual rebirth. And that is your reception committee who helps with your transition.

It’s not just your live loved ones gathered around your bed at death but those you admire and cherished adored ones who’ve already transcended this life who come to greet you and give you comfort on your travel over.

My daughter relived my father’s death the other day. While there were tears of sorrow as we spoke, she related how my daddy had called her baby and said “Hi,” to her before he collapsed in his doorway. Since I live far from my dad, I could only say goodbye by phone when he stated that he wouldn’t be going to a hospital; and he didn’t.

After saying “Hi,” to my baby and then collapsing, my daughter shoved my brother who was assisting him out of the way and started gently patting my dad’s face calling to him all the while. She said he opened his eyes and looked at her. Then he looked past her to someone over her shoulder and said, “Oh, hello.” That’s the moment she saw his spirit leave his body.

There’s a lot more to this story but as she relived it, it became apparent to her that he wasn’t looking at her when he’d said that last hello. She knew it that horrible or wonderful night, considering how you feel about death, (for us left here, it’s sorrowful). But now, she was reliving it again trying to see if she could have done something different to save him when he didn’t wanted to be saved in that sense. She is also remembering that there is more to life than just what we see daily.

People who you admire, such as a deity or some valued person such as your father, mother or siblings even animals you’ve cherished will come to you at your time of crossing over to embrace you with the love you deserve as you evolve.

So, it’s no wonder that Elizabeth had a picture of her son with her at the time of her death. He was probably one of the people who came to get her.

And though we’ll miss being part of this lady’s life, we wish her the very best on the other side and we know that she’s now a guardian angel for those she loved left here. Here’s to better times, Elizabeth.

Da Juana

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