Since we’ve watched Elizabeth Edward’s life….

Since we’ve watched Elizabeth Edward’s life including her husband’s run for the White House, his affair and her illness for some time, I’ve been asked a very good question by my friend, Cathy. Her inquiry considered death and past lives; whether in getting closer to physical death do we realize we’ve had past lives?

You’ve heard me mention on many occasions that no question is stupid. And this one certainly is up the scale on enquiries that I take for granted and haven’t always explained. So, please allow me this opportunity to tell my friend I greatly appreciate her probing metaphysical request.

Before dying (and you know I don’t believe in death only rebirth to the true body which knows no limit), we go on a vision quest of sorts. It’s a time where, if due to a prolonged illness, we have time to consider spiritual events of our lives. Even if someone dies quickly, he or she goes through the same reviewing process of looking over his or her life, subconsciously and consciously, for the time it takes to prepare them to depart earthly bonds. So, in truth, we all prepare for death just as we do for birth but each does it mostly unconsciously.

As with preparing for a trip we assemble even the smallest items we need for the journey. Such it is with preparation for death; we remember every moment of our life. That’s the spiritual one, the true one which includes many physical lifetimes and basically contains all our past lives. This is done to give us time to reengage thinking that’s necessary for life on the other side again. It’s like a preview of coming attractions only this coming attraction is your life. This is facilitated by you so that you can renew and assimilate again in a timely manner. Remember as spirits we all use choice even when dying and reviewing our lives.

This doesn’t mean that we always knowingly remember we’ve had those past lives but we review them just the same.

As with Cathy, if you have a question of paranormal experiences, please feel free to ask. Thankfully I’ve always gotten the replies I need when I need them but I sometimes (really always if you’ve read my book, you know) take for granted that you know the answers too because I do, similar to the absent minded professor. So, let’s share.

Da Juana

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