Sitting at the computer for long periods …

Sitting at the computer for long periods of time does more than just make you sore. It can play havoc with your eyes too.

As a medium and a psychic my senses are usually, shall we use the term, paranormal.

But since I’ve been working at the computer for years now, I’ve noticed that it’s affecting one of my most used senses. Well, I say that but they’re all used in my work and life. At any rate I’ve noticed that it affects my eyes in less than a wonderful fashion.

As I’m writing this my speakers are buzzing and the sound isn’t even on. It’s just part of my everyday life I thought I’d share. There’s nothing close to make them buzz but….

Ghosts are around me constantly and my eyesight, physical and spiritual, is part of my psychic ability. So, when my eyes get dry and the pages go blurry, I should get up and do other things. I know the twenty, twenty, twenty rule but that flies right out the window when you’re busy.

So, as much as I adore computers with all their memory, I also think that a good walk in the sun is probably much better for us.

Da Juana

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