Sleep is a commodity……

Most mothers know that sleep is a commodity that most mothers do without.  And, as a mother, I can tell you that it is something you can’t make up.  Whether your baby is a human or another type animal, mothers tend to wake up when their babies are ill, as I did Sunday night into Monday morning. More... 

And like some mother’s who know where all the after hours emergency rooms are, I had to find one too.  My little Mysti either had a virus, which is running through the family or she had a reaction to diabetic medication.  Either way, it wasn’t a pretty sight. 

Right after going to sleep I awakened to an odor that mother’s instinctively know.  I wish my psychic ability had been working so that I’d been able to get up before the two incidents involving both ends happened but I didn’t.  What was in store for me was that I had to clean both up before I could open the door to take the still prancing, crossing her legs, little animal out the door and into the open grass.

About three-thirty AM, I found myself calling and then running up to the emergency clinic, begging for something to stop the vomiting and diarrhea to no avail.  She did get a shot for the first but nothing for the latter.  People think a puppy dog with Pampers on is precious.  I don’t because I know why she’s wearing them.  Then we got to visit her regular vet, whom you’ve heard me speak of before, and she put her on the way to becoming all-better.  Today is a better day but my stomach hasn’t been the same for a few days. 

Yesterday, I had my regular checkup and found that my temperature was 98.8 which means more than 2 degrees of fever for me but because I lost so much sleep the night before, I didn’t even realize I had one until I got home and sat down.  Then I noticed that I had sand in my eyes and was cold, chilly cold under blankets in a 76 degree home.  But I’m grateful that I’m feeling better today, just a little stomach upset. 

Madeline woke up with tummy troubles too.  Did I mention that Claude’s having a little of it too?  So much for not passing it around.   

Da Juana