Sleep learning!

Every once in a while I look my life over to see if I have done what I wanted to do before I cross over to the other side once again. In the last few weeks, I am doing that again. I guess it is because we are thinking of moving and also because I am probably due again. It generally happens before I go to sleep at night, while Claude is praying. At that time is when I usually look at my days anyway to make sure that I am living up to my own expectations. I suppose everyone does that too. Or maybe not but that is my way.


The quiet time right before sleep is when I can reassess my life and figure out if I want to change it. Then I go to sleep thinking of how I can make life better and how I can make myself a better person. In my dreams or out of body, people come to me from the other side and help to answer those questions for me. Sometimes live people now meet me on the other side, out of body, to do the same. Later, we live those déjà vu moments together. At those moments the memory of questions I asked comes flooding back along with the answers we received.


Though people generally don’t realize it, nighttime, either in dreams or when they are out of body, is one of the best times to get information on living better. That is a time when ghosts or dead people, whatever you want to call them, (I call them living) can talk with you the easiest. You may or may not even remember the conversation but your subconscious does.


One of these days when brain mappers really do get to see what is going on in people’s minds while they sleep, they will be surprised to know that we really are carrying on conversations with those living and dead. Until then we can continue to use this wellspring of knowledge.


Da Juana