Sleep is one of the most important items in a person’s life, especially the lack thereof.  I’ve seen what it’s done for Claude.  That’s what led to stroke and diabetes.  Both horrific diseases can be traced back to a lack of sleep for individuals I’ve found in my research after the fact.More... 

A good stress reducer and nap-filling breathing exercise can help those who need just a little sleep when at work or other places away from home.  You can even do it at home for a little refresher.  It is breathing through the nose for a slow count of three to five, filling up the diaphragm, holding it there for the same slow count and then letting it out through opened lips to that same slow count.  Doing this about five times sends oxygen flowing to the brain, makes you think clearer and gives the sensation of a twenty minute nap.  It’s wonderful.  I even use this biofeedback technique to meditate my way to sleep at night. 

But for those who have constant pain and can’t go to sleep, life isn’t as much fun as it is for those who can.  I listen to Claude get up throughout the night working on his feet and wish I could help him.  On those nights that our two little girls keep me awake on the hour, I get up feeling out of sorts for the day, wishing I could get a good nights sleep.  So I know Claude is having it hard and wish I could help him.  We’ve tried everything.  And I feel inadequate because I can’t help the man I love. 

Da Juana