Smells are some of the most potent parts of psychic ability.

Smells are some of the most potent parts of psychic ability.  Think about it.  Apple pie brings back memories of cinnamon that makes you almost want to lick your lips.More...

When you think of something and it brings about a memory or emotion, then you’re having a psychic experience.  This is a valued tool for me while giving readings. 

On one murder I worked, I smelled wood smoke.  It turns out there was a barbeque place, which I located with my sense of smell, right next door to the crime scene.  And it was all because I smelled it.

Another manner in which you can use your psychic sense of smell is by noting what people around you smell like.  Take a spouse for instance.  Most of us have hugged the pillow of a loved one who isn’t home.  Their scent invades your senses and you feel a little more at ease. 

In the same way you can use this gift to sniff, just don’t get too close, your neighbors or friends and family.  Changes in odor can signify changes in life such as health and other life’s challenges or betterment.  In another way, you pick those you allow yourself to become close to by your sense of smell.  All your senses are part of it but your sense of smell is a taken for granted sense.

Just something to think about.

Da Juana