Smoke alarms

Ghosts have been doing their things in our house for the last few days. The only thing is that they are doing it with the smoke detectors so badly that I finally turned off the electricity to them. In that way, I can verify that it is not something that can be logically explained. And guess what, they are continuing to go off. Now I know that the battery might cause this too because they are on electricity and battery but we have changed those batteries and they are still picking a room and going off.

Today, it happened in Claude’s office where he and Madeline were. Because of the MS, any sharp sound drives her into looking for a place to hide. So, the smoke alarm went off until Claude and Madeline went downstairs to get another battery. When they got downstairs it quit.

Now I’m not saying that it is really ghosts haunting the smoke alarms but… stopped when they got downstairs.

Da Juana