Snow day

Today we are on the fringes of a snowstorm, with sleet and freezing rain. The temperature is well below freezing and slated to stay that way. This is the type day you want to curl up by a warm fire, listen to the wind blow and snuggle with your favorite husband and dogs. But alas, it’s a workday. So what to do?


Do you sludge to work and risk car accidents and all those other people who don’t know how to drive in this type weather? Do you call in and say you can’t make it? Or do you lie and say you’re sick because you don’t want you boss and co-workers to know you don’t really want to drive in this?


If you’re me, you do none of the above because, first, you can’t lie, and second, you are the fortunate one who works from your home. That means a 24-7 hour job week with no room to play hooky. And you find yourself doing more housework, while trying to do work that puts food on the table. Also you find your neighbors calling to ask you to baby-sit with their sick children while they go to real jobs because they know you have time. Oh wait, that hasn’t happened in a while. But I’m not griping. I love working from my home until a day like this when the weather is not fit for man nor beast outdoors. That’s when I have to trudge up stairs because I can’t take a weather day.


Hope you have better motoring than me today.


Da Juana